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Steps And How To Get Your Denmark work visa Without An Agent

Today more immigrants are beginning to target Denmark for travel destination. Because Denmark is one of the best countries of the world to settle in this-days. In fact, the statistic from the Immigration of Denmark shows that more people than ever are moving to Denmark to live, study and work in Denmark. They’re drawn by the stunning countryside and the possibility of a great standard of living in Denmark urban cities. In terms of quality of life, Denmark is highly rated in the global ranking. And with all the indices at hand, the country will continue to grow to in terms of quality of life.

Planning to move to Denmark for settlement, work, study or to carry out a business is a good idea. However, you will need a work visa and permit to do so if you are not from the European Union.

Who Need The Denmark work visa?

In Denmark, is not everyone that needs a work visa or permit to work in the country. like the Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the citizens from the European Economic Area (EEA) and the citizens of Switzerland are allowed to live and work in Denmark without needing a special visa this is as a result of the EU legislation on free movement of its members. Also, the Nordic countries are also given special privileges, which mean they don’t need a permit to work or settle in the country. But if you are planning on staying more than three months, you might be required to register your residence to stay legally in Denmark.

The for immigrants who are not citizens of EU and EEA, they required a permit to live and work in Denmark. But there are some professionals who do not need a permit to work in Denmark even though they are not from EU or EEa areas. For example, artists and athletes, can be allowed to come to Denmark for a short time without needing a visa. but other professionals who want to come and work, study, or do business in Denmark will be required to have a permit.

Documents Needed to Process Your Work Visa

Just like any other country, there are some documents that are required to process a visa. The Danish immigration will require the documents below:

1. you will be required to submit a completed application form given to you by the immigration or online.

2. you will be required to provide valid passport and the expiration of the passport should not be less that three exceeding the expiration of the visa given to you.

3. you will be required to provide a recent passport photograph of your face.

4. you will be required to provide Proof of your financial status. To show that you have a sponsor or what it takes to live in the country.

5.You have to provide evidence of your grounds for application, such as an employment contract or the business plan for your startup business. This is for those who wish to migrate to Denmark for a major contract or for starting a business over there.

The above is the major documents required to process Danish work Visa. Other Necessary documents will be communicated to you below.
Process and Requirements Of Danish Work Visa

There are many type of work visa in Denmark. But there are the main work visa that has a broad range of work categories. This are: Fast-Track Scheme Visa, Pay Limit Scheme visa and Positive List visa.

However, all the visa schemes has a basic requirements and are common to work visas. An applicant can make payment online are through SIRI

Lets see the steps and the requirements:
The Step 1: You will Have To Create a Case Order ID

For those who have gotten a work in Denmark already, Just you select the type of visa that best fits your work situation, then proceed to create a case order ID. Application can also be submitted entirely by your employer. that means you will need to hand them what is known as power of attorney by filling the it.
The Step 2: Proceed To Pay For the Visa

After you have create the case order ID, you have to proceed to pay for your Visa fee. The cost of Danish work visa is around 3,030DKK which is approximate to 447USD. It should be noted that the Danish immigration process there work visa annually. So you should be careful that your documents are completed before paying
The Step 3: Documents Submission

The following is the documents you are to submit:

1. You are to submit the receipt of the payment of the visa. The receipt will serve as a proof of your Visa payment.

2. You will be required to submit the copy of your passport. you will need to make a photocopy of all the pages and the front and back of the passport.

3. You are to submit the duly completed power of attorney which gives your employer the right to process visa on your behalf. This is given that you have already been offered a job.

4. You are require to submit contract or job offer which should not be more than one month old. This document will be bearing the information about you, your salary, terms of employment, and job description which have already been offered to you.

5. You are to submit your qualification given that your migration has a direct implication to your educational status.
The Step 4: Proceed To Submit Visa Application

There are many type of work related visa, the one you will submit depends on your work offer. The visa can be submitted through online.
The Step 5: You have To Proceed To Capture Your Biometrics

Once you have submitted your application, you have only 14 days to go for your bio-metrics at the Danish diplomatic.
The Step ^: You Have Done Noble, Just Wait for A Reply

Within 30 days, you will receive a feedback of the result of your application. This is usually Received in 30 days period. But a work visa like the Fast track will take with ten days.

Entrepreneur Danish Work Visa?

For Immigrants who are planing to run there own business in Denmark, You will be issued a visa under the Startup Visa scheme Visa plan. However, you will be required to have a strong business plan which will be verify Professionals. You are advise to come up with a business plan that will contribute to the economy and employment of the country. once the visa application is granted after experts from the country have certified your Business plan, The Danish Immigration will grant you a permit for just to two years. And this is renewable. Also you are permited to bring your family members into the country with you or certain individuals from your side if you wish.

Can I Bring My Spouse and Family Members To Denmark With My work Visa????

Any immigrants in Denmark who have a residence and work permit or someone who is studying in Denmark study, is allowed bring His or Her family members with them. You can even bring in your minors, children, your spouse or partner, but remember you will be ask to prove your level of relationship with anyone you are bringing.


If you conclude the above steps and have been granted your work visa and permit, the Danish Immigration will register your basic information based on your application. And in any case any of your details changes you need to inform so that they will effect the necessary changes.

Just go ahead and book your flight. Denmark is your new home.

Also you will need to convert your money to Danish Krone. Note that If you are to withdraw money from your foreign account using an ATM in Denmark, it will be better for you to agree to be charged in the local currency instead of your home currency in other to avoid funny charges.

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