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Migrating To Canada Vs Australia Which Country Is Better?

Migrating To Australia Vs Canada Which Country Is Better? The truth is that when it comes to making a choice between This two countries, it is always going to be a tough choice given the kind of the system of Government, infrastructure, potentials and job opportunities, classic cities, well structured Health care program, quality of goods and services, standard of living and well define policies that both countries provides. However, the choices of an immigrant may spring out of individual priorities and preferences. while one individual or family may opt for Canada another may opt for Australia base on one thing or the other. Therefore, it’s better for me to exposes to you the advantages and limitations of both the countries and leave you to make your choice with discretion.

Reasons You Might Choose To Migrate To Canada?

The Country Canada can be called the land of immigrants’ or you call it immigrants paradise’. Such tag can give you an idea as to how popular and suited Canada is among the immigrants. If you looking for a country for immigration, here are top reasons one may consider migrating to Canada for residence, visit, schooling, work or investment.

1. Canada has soft and flexible immigration policies: Canada’s immigration policy is very lenient and very flexible towards its immigrants. That is the reason immigrants from all parts of the world prefer to migrate to Canada. For example, Canada has plans to welcome over 3.5 million immigrants next year being 2020.

2. Canada has a well structured Immigrant Serving Organizations: That is really a master piece from the Canada government to set up immigrants serving organizations in its various provinces and territories. This immigrants serving organizations help the new immigrants to find a job, get accommodation, settle, become civic. And so on.

3. Canada has an Organized point based immigration system: Canadian immigration makes use of point based immigration system to choose and invite candidates to come to and settle in Canada. The Canadian immigration also has a faster visa processing time to compare to other country’s immigration process.

4. Canada has a Low accommodation cost: Canadian low cost of housing and accommodation makes it an attraction to attraction for many immigrants from around the world.

5. Canada has an Ideal environment to raise a family: Canadian free education system, healthcare system, secure environment, multicultural and tolerant communities, low cost housing, etc, makes it an ideal place to raise a family.

Reason you Might choose To Migrate To Australia

This country is not only known for their advanced economy and rich infrastructure, they are also known for being the main attraction for worldwide immigrants. Australia has an advance multicultural environment that suit every one migrant. Lets look at a few benefits and reasons you might choose to migrate to Canada.

1. Australian PR Grants You Access To New Zealand: One of the advantage of benefit migrate to Australian with PR is that your PR grants you access to NZ also. New Zealand and Australia is like a brother country so once you are granted Australia PR, you can use the same opportunity to explore the wonderful cities of New Zealand.

2. Australia Has Good Healthcare Services And Public Education: This country has one of the best public education and health system. For example its Public school is provided at a minimum cost and its health system is fair and world class.

3. Australia Has A Good Organized Immigration System: This is one of the best countries when it comes to immigration (though its process are harder than Canada) The Australia immigration system for example has classes and sub of visa. Like the; parent visa categories, skilled visa, family visa, Spouse visa, and so on.

4. Australia Has An Advanced Economy With High Income Jobs And Careers: This country is among the highest paying countries in the world if not the first. Migrating to Australia offers you lots of job opportunity with high wages.

Canada vs Australia? Factors to Consider Before Making Choices

immigrants makes choices of country base on so many factors, but below are some factors to consider when making choices of country;

1. Consider The Cost of Living: The cost of living in Australia is very higher than Canada. However, Australia pays higher than Canada which make up for the cost of living there.

2. Consider The Immigration Process Of The Country: The two country has a point based immigration process, but Canada has a lenient immigration process to compare to Australia.

3. Consider The Rights and Privileges Of The Country: You starts enjoying the right and privileges just like its citizens in Canada once you are granted PR, while in Australia You have to wait for 2 years before enjoying such privileges after obtaining your PR

4. Consider The cost Of Accommodation: Refer to point 1

5. Consider The Culture: Both are multicultural. However, Canada is more tolerant towards new immigrants and their cultures as compared to Australian dispositions

6. Living Safe: The Two countries are wonderful and safe to live. but Canada is considered the safe haven for living as individual or as families while the fast and energetic lifestyle of Australia suits the individuals with high ambitions, and higher career objective.

7. Consider The Education and Healthcare System Of The Country: The two countries has a world class health system.

8. Weather Condition: Both countries has summer and winter, but Australia burns like oven during the peak of its summer period

You Can Now Make Your Choice.

Having mentioned some little facts about the two country, it is more easier for you now to choose base on your preferences. But the truth is that both Canada and Australia can never be a bad choice when making your decisions. because the two countries are good for immigrants to live, work, school and invest.

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