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Immigrants Guide On Jobs And Work In Denmark

Denmark is among one of the best countries to work in Europe. Working in Denmark is a very good career move for anyone who which to work abroad. One of the good thing about this country is that whichever sector you finds a work, you just need to be a team player and a self thinker, because that is the number one factor in getting a job and maintaining maintaining it in Denmark.  Not just the formalities and status of the job.

However, the job market can be tough for foreigners in Denmark. Because most Danish Citizens are very good in English, that means that being very proficient in the language will not be an advantage for you. But peradventure you struggle with English, this will work against you when looking for a job. Furthermore, if you wish to build a solid career in Denmark, you will need to learn Danish language also. I will show you in this article on how to find a job in Denmark, what the salary looks like, how to prepare yourself for a job etc.

Another good thing about working in Denmark either employed or self employed is that once you are a tax payer in Denmark, you are protected by the country’s extensive social security system. That means that you can receive benefits for maternity, sickness, unemployment etc. and Denmark has a very good Social and health insurance system.

In Denmark, The Working days are Monday through Friday. You work 37 hours a week for an average salary of 47,000 DKK (7,000 USD) a month before tax. However, that number can drop up to 50% after taxes. That is Denmark for you. But do not worry dear, because most part of your tax paid is still cumming back to you in bulk when you in need it most.

Getting a Job in Denmark As A Foreigner

getting a job in a foreign country is not always an easy task giving that you are just a new immigrant into the country, you therefore need to be guided by an expert in the field, to help you make the most of the opportunity at your disposal. lets see some potential opportunities in this country. And all the insights you need to apply, be it the CV style in Denmark, or some interviews and networking tips to land you the right job in the country.

What Does It Require To Work in Denmark

For you to work in Denmark as an immigrant, you will need to have a visa and a work permit. But if you are an European citizen you do not need a Visa and a work permit to work in Denmark. European citizens are free to enter the country and take up work right away. However, they should be properly registered in the country so that they can be given a CPR number, a health card, and so on, provided that they are staying for longer than three months. But for Citizens of other Nordic countries, they only need to register after staying six months in the country. However, Citizens of other countries will need a visa and work permit before they are allowed to work in Denmark.

What Is The Job Opportunities For Foreigners in Denmark

One of the best strategies to secure a job in Denmark is to have a look at the shortage occupation list, This shortage Occupation List is known as the Positive List. The positive list is published two times in a year and the list states all professions that are in-demand in the country for those wishing to apply for a visa. Even though you may not be hunting to apply for a visa in Denmark, but it is a good idea to check the list to know if your expertise may be particularly valuable in Denmark more than what the value is in the country where you are.

Recently, the list includes several managerial positions in the areas of sales, marketing, public relations, IT, administration etc. And many other specialized professions such as pharmacists, dietitian, teachers, journalists, civil engineers, etc.

In Denmark, speaking English is not actually enough to land you a job in the country. Because the Danish citizens do also speak English, and Danish. If you really wish to fit in and build a long lasting career in the Denmark, you really have to learn Danish language.

Another great opportunity in Denmark is in the Tourism sector. Tourism is one of Denmark’s biggest business sectors. So for someone who can speak other languages besides English, should consider tourism as an excellent career path in the Denmark. There is even a specific visa for such individual with multi lingual skills.

Applying for a Job in Denmark

The general tips or factors that plays role when applying for job in other countries of the world also plays role in the Danish job market. This factors includes a tailored CV and cover letter that show how you match the job position perfectly. However, there are some other tips and factors which is familiar to the Danish job market that you need to know

1. The CV Style

Danish recruiters likes to skim through CV as quickly as possible, it therefore advisable to present your CV in a format that is familiar to Danish recruiters.

1. You have to start your CV with your personal detials like your name, age, and gender. You can include a photograph, but you have to make sure that it is professional and still modern. You do not necessarily need the  normal serious looking passport photo that you know, just go with a friendly looking picture of you with a building or window in the background of the picture.

3. Try and Include a personal summary at the top. The personal summary should be a well written paragraph of not more than 5 or 6 lines where you mention your professional skills and your personal and social qualities that makes you appropriate for the job

4. In your CV, List your most recent professional experience and qualifications first to last. And you do not need to put all your professional experiences. Just go with only the experiences that is relevant to the job. Because you may have only have a few minutes to impress your potential employer, So letting them know the most important aspects of your career is better than a bogus list of irrelevant experiences.

5. You have to include list of the languages that you can speak and do not forget to include any of your studies abroad.

Tips For Cover Letter

It is important and necessary to send your CV with a cover. Just like in most other job markets, you should make a case for how you fit in the available position as best you can. Is important because your cover letter will showcase some other aspects of your skill and passion which are highly valued by the Danish Recruiters. For example, teamwork is highly valued as well as the ability to solve problems. It is therefore necessary to Make sure to showcase in your cover letter how you have handle a situation as a team player, and how you have once achieved a very good fit with your problem solving skills.

Danish Job Requirement

It is not mandatory to provide reference for lower jobs, although It may be important for managerial positions. However, you can still go ahead to add reference of someone you know that can be able to vouch for your character. Or you can just mention at the bottom of the CV that you can provide references upon request. And if you want to get extra points just try and write it in Danish Language.

It is also important to go get a straffeattest online. a straffeattest is a document which is provided by the Danish police, this document shows that you have not been convicted of a crime in the country. It can easily be gotten online. It is important because recruiters in Denmark do requires it from their citizens and immigrants.

For your qualification, it should be able to march the position you are applying for. But not all positions needs a certificate. Many blue collar jobs just requires that you have experience from a previous job and there are also entry level jobs that may not require experience. And one good thing is that even blue collar jobs still pays well in Denmark

The Minimum Wage/Average Salary In Denmark

In Denmark the average salary for certificate jobs is around 47,000DKK  which is 7,000USD. while the highest salary on average is at 53,000DKK  which is 7,850USD a month and the lowest salary on average is around 45,800DKK  which is 6,800USD. However, that is on gross, and the Salary can go down by 50% after your tax. For the Minimum wages: the minimum wage in Denmark is around 110DKK  which is around 16USD/hr. And the lowest salary for non certificate jobs in Denmark is 17,000 DKK 2,500USD on gross.


Denmark is a very good place for any immigrant to hunt for a job. considering the wages, the culture of the country, the work ethics and especially the tax structure.

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