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Apply For International Scholarship At The University of Canterbury-New Zealand(2020)

The university of new Zealand was founded during 1873 in the center of a Christian environment called Christchurch as Canterbury College, it was the first constituent college of the University of New Zealand. Which later became the second institution in the country, providing tertiary-level education after the University of Otago, which was the first university in New-Zealand and was established in 1869 and the fourth in Australasia. The premier professors arrived in 1874. their names are: Charles Cook who lectures Mathematics in University of Melbourne and St John’s College, Cambridge. Another is Alexander Bickerton who is a Chemistry and Physics School of Mining in London. And John Macmillan Brown who works at University of Glasgow, Balliol College, Oxford. During 1933, the name of the university changed from Canterbury College to Canterbury University College. While In 1957 the name was now changed to the present day University of Canterbury New Zealand.

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continue till 1961, the university formed part of the University of New Zealand (UNZ), and awards degrees in its name. That year saw the dissolution of the federal system of tertiary education in New Zealand, and the University of Canterbury became an independent University in New-Zealand, awarding its own degrees. Upon the University in New-Zealand demise, The Canterbury Agricultural College became a constituent college of the University of Canterbury.

During the period from 1961 to 1974, the University in New-Zealand campus relocated from the center of the city to a much larger present day site in the suburb of Ilam. The buildings of the old campus became the site of the Christchurch Arts Center, a site for arts, crafts and entertainment in Zealand

Furthermore, during 2004, the University underwent restructuring into four Colleges and a School of Law, administering a number of schools and departments though a number of departments have involvement in cross-teaching in numerous academic faculties. For many years the university worked closely with the then Christchurch College of Education, and was later merged together a in 2007, to establishing a fifth College in Newzealand.

While In 2012 the School of Law merged with the Business School and became the College of Business and Law in. the country

During September 2011, it was announced of its plans to demolish some the University buildings that were damaged from an earthquake. In the months following the earthquake, the University lost 26 per cent of its first-year students and 8.5 per cent of continuing students in the institution. And the number of international students, who pay much higher fees and are a major source of revenue, dropped at the rate of 30 per cent. Consequently, in 2013, the University had lost approximately 23% of its students. However, a record number of 886 PhD students are studying at the University of Canterbury as of 2013/14.

Fortunately now, Student numbers are now steadily on the rise, with a 4.5% increase in students enrolled from 20112 to 20117. The number of international students are also on the increasing rate.which is nearing pre-earthquake figures of international students which stood at 1,254 enrolled in 2016/17

During March 2016, The Vice-Chancellor of the institution Dr Rod Carr said in The Press newspaper: “During 2014 that they wanted to leave Christchurch and went to Wellington, Otago and into the workforce. Now we’re retaining Christchurch school leavers and we’re getting our fair share of provincial students, as well as attracting greater numbers from the Auckland region. Living on or near the UC campus, and having a lifestyle that can take you from lectures to ski-fields in 89 minutes or the beach in 19 minutes, is much more appealing and affordable than living in Auckland which is far from the institution.
During 2013 the New Zealand Government agreed to provide $261m to support the University’s renovation programme. In January 2017, the University of Canterbury released its campus master plan – 50 building and landscape projects proposed over three stages by 2045, the cost could exceed $2bn. In a comment to The Press, Rod Carr said that the plans were proof the university was moving away from the falling enrollments post-earthquake that effected the institution.

The Scholarship Award

Apply for the ongoing international scholarship at the University of Canterbury-New Zealand. This is the Admiral, Sir Gordon Tait University International funding award which will be given to Interested students who are looking at pursuing a degree program at the university.

This scholarship award will give students an educational foundation which can be able to turn into an amazing career. You will be able to get a professional learning opportunities, career opportunities, and employment opportunities.

Qualified Countries: International

Category: Undergraduate

Amount Of Award: $4,500/year

Number Of Awards: Not Specify


The student must be an International student.
Student must have a previous year degree.
The Student must be good in written and spoken English. Must Satisfy the English Requirement Test in one seating.

Apply Method: The applicant Must take admission at the University of Canterbury-New Zealand. After being enrolled, they will be considered for the scholarship automatically without necessarily attending to application files

You Can Visit The Official Portal For Further Inquiry.

Deadline: 31st December 2019

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