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10 High-Demand Skill/Semi Skilled Jobs in Canada

As an immigrant in Canada, it is advised to acquire some skills either full skilled career or semi skilled ones. You need to explore careers in demand in other to choose a field with a great potential for job security and high pay, as the case may be. Fortunately, acquiring such skills is possible, having some list of high-demand jobs at our disposals. Furthermore, many of the in-demand jobs in Canada from now to the next five years offers great earning opportunities since employers need to attract and retain quality workers Because of anticipated labor shortage in the Country. Also the growing retirement rates which is expected among the older population, it means that now is an excellent time for you to set out on a new career path that has a great potential and demand in the country if you are planing to travel to Canada.

The old population makes up Canada’s largest demographic group, and they have started to retire gradually. For example, in 2017/18 this demographic group made up almost 26% of the population of Canada.

consequently, our job is to help you to identify where those career opportunities may exist, we’ve listed 10 of the top careers in demand in Canada for the next few years. The career areas listed below not only have a high number of expected job openings; they also have an expected shortage of qualified workers to fill the role in Canada.

The following are the 10 high-demand skill/semi skilled jobs in Canada:
1. Licence practical Nurse

This is one of the high-demand career in Canada, a Licensed practical nursing is up near the top of the list of the most in-demand jobs in the Canada—it is just like a registered nurse. The cause of the high-demand for this skill is the aging population of the country which is placing more demands on the health care system of the country.

Statistic shows that licensed practical nurse workforce is younger than the Registered Nurses, But a growing number of expected retirements in the coming years is still high. For example, projection shows that from 2020 to 2025, about 5,000 licensed practical Nurse jobs could go unfilled across the Canada due to a labor shortfalls. Therefore, if you want to make a difference and play an important role in the delivery of high-quality health care, then becoming a licensed practical nurse could is a good option.
Below is a little statistic about licensed practical nurse profession.

1. job Opportunities – 33,100

2. Most-demand cities – Ontario, PEI, BC, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Alberta, New Brunswick

3. Average wage – $25/hr

4. Entry-level education – Diploma and registration with a provincial or territorial regulatory authority and Best paying provinces – Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
2. Veterinary Assistance/Technician

This is another hot skill in high demand in the country, Canadians love their pets and they are willing to spend more money on them than usual. In order to ensure that they are in good health and well looked after. For example, In 2017 Statistic shows that Canadians collectively spent an approximately $8.6 billion on their pets. This shows that now is the right time for you to join the animal care field and be a part of this great opportunity.

Below is a further details about this field.

job Opportunities – 4,900

Most-demand cities – Almost the same in all provinces and territories

Average wage – $16.50/hr

Best paying provinces and territories – Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Alberta

entry-level – Same with licensed practical nurse.
3. Truck Driver

Truck Driver is an important Skill in The Canadian economy because the activities of movement of goods in the economy relies on truck drivers, and there is shortage of young adults in the trucking industry in order to fill the gap from retiring workers. Statistic shows that In 2016, the average age of transport truck drivers was about 47 years old. So that means that the truck-driving workforce is between the age of 47 and 66. That means the retiring number of retirement will be high few years from now. it is expected that 12,200 truckers during the time frame of 2020 to 2027.

Truck driving is near the top of the list for careers in demand in BC. From 2018 to 2028, it’s estimated that the province could have about 9,170 truck driver job openings.5 And that’s just one province. Canada is a large country. Dedicated transport truck drivers are needed almost everywhere to haul commercial goods from coast to coast. It’s one of the most important jobs in demand.
So many Canadians’ lives are affected by truck drivers. Some parts of the country are very remote. Residents in those areas often rely on truck drivers to bring them some physiological products. So becoming a truck driver in Canada is a good career in the country.

1. Job opportunities – 14,700

2. best demand provinces – Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and the Yukon, PEI, New

3. Averge wage – $22/hr

4. Entry-level education – just a Completion of truck driver training; must also obtain appropriate licensing.

4. Welder

this is among high demand jobs in Canada. predominately due to new job growth rather than retirement rates in this sector. The cause of this demand is due to the advancements in the manufacturing sector, skilled welders are likely to enjoy better job opportunities than those with only basic abilities. Welders who have the skills, to use a some of this techniques like FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW, who can also read plans are expected to be in the highest demand of this field in Canada.

Below are the further details in this field:
Total job opportunities – 23,850

Best demand provinces and territories – BC, New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec, demand in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba.

Average Wage – $25.50/hr

Best paying provinces – Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan, Alberta

Entry-level education – a completion of vocational training/Licencing

5. Business Management Consultant

In a robust economy such as Canadian economy businesses often hire management consultants to help them break complex matters down in order to manage both human and material resources to the almost level. there are several ways you can go around this skill. some people start out by earning a business-related degree and then gain experience by working in a variety of different industries and positions. You can also benefit from having training in areas like technology or travel, tourism, and hospitality, Base on the area of your specialization.

job opportunities – 40,100

Best demand provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, BC, Manitoba,

Average wage – $37/hr

Best paying provinces – Ontario Alberta and Saskatchewan,

Entry-level education – Business bachelor’s degree, and relevant industry experience through work.

6. Software Developer or Engineer

Software developer/engineer is really among High-demand jobs in Canada. Projection shows that about 21,000 jobs are expected to be available in software developing between 2020 and 2027. due to potential growth in the computer, telecommunications, and mobile technology sectors. Also growth in machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors could further drive the demand for Software developer/engineer. Consequently, acquiring a skill in this field has a great potential.

Job opportunities – 21,000

Best demand provinces – Nova Scotia, PEI, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec, Saskatchewan

Average wage– $43/hr

Entry-level Qualification – A Bachelor’s degree with work experience.

7. Industrial Electrician

Industrial electrician is one of the best jobs in the skilled trades. Industrial electricians, in particular, are in high demand. Due to increase automation in mining, gas operations, and manufacturing. More and more industries are relying on industrial electricians. It is therefore a great potential to take a career in this skill trade which major in the role of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machines and equipment in the economy.

Below are the further details in this field

Job opportunities – 14,500 including power system electricians

Demand province – Nova Scotial

Average wage – $34/hr

Entry-level Qaulification – A completion of vocational training or an apprenticeship program trade certification

8. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are in high demand in Canada. This is due to some similar reason with as Licence Practical Nursing.
below are further details in this field:

Job opportunities—160,000

demand provinces and territories – Almost fair in many province

Average wage—$38/hr

Best paying provinces – Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and the Yukon

Entry-level education – A Bachelor’s degree and registration with a provincial or territorial regulatory authority in the country.
9. Pharmacist

The field of Pharmacy is in charge of patient drugs and education. The pharmacist supervise the dispensing of medications and counsel patients on the use of drugs. In recent years their role has been expanded with some provinces allowing pharmacists to administer prescriptions on certain medications. Career is pharmacist is a field with great potential in Canada presently and in the future
Below is further details about this field

Job opportunities – 14,900

Demand provinces – Manitoba, Alberta, BC Nunavut PEI, and New Brunswick,

Average wage – $50/hr

Best paying provinces – Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec

Entry-level education— A Bachelor degree and registration with a provincial or territorial regulatory authority in the country
10. Vocational/College Instructor

being an Instructor at vocational level or at the college is one of the careers in high demand in Canada. The retiring workforce has also contributed to the high demands in this field. For example in 2016, half of the workforce is over the age of 46 already and many instructors retire around 64 years old. The shortfall in this field in the near future is expected to exceed 4,500. Vocational/Collage instructors teaches at public and private institutions that provides academic, technical, and vocational programs. You could teach anything from culinary arts, design beauty, criminal justice, business expositions, law etc.

Below is further details about this field

Job opportunity – 41,850

Demand provinces – Territories, Quebec, the Yukon BC, Northwest

Average wage – $37hr

Best paying provinces – Territories, and Alberta, Nunavut, and Northwest

Entry-level education – Starts from diploma to master’s degree with related industry experience.

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